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Caxton Opere & Ade

Dr. Caxton Opere, the world’s leading expert on the medical complications of divorce, is a board-certified internist, international speaker and pioneer of the 5-Minute Compatibility Tests. He was awarded The Annual Special Edition of Tumblr’s 2015 TOP 100 HOTTEST PICKS PROFILES for his work on THE DIVORCE MEDICINE project.

Dr. Caxton has worked extensively on and taught around the world for over two decades about the medical complications of divorce, showing how divorce doubles the risk of heart disease, stroke and much more.

Dr Caxton, his wife Ade and their children Ife and Seyi and reside in Frisco, Texas.

Dr. Caxton married at the age of 29 and having chest pains 9 months later from deception, abuse, and misuse. Following the second episode of chest pain amidst all the lies, 3 months after that first episode, Dr. Caxton packed and left a woman who had methodically spun a web of lies in order to trap an unsuspecting Caxton. The pain he experienced has actually helped make the world a better place for those who seek Dr. Caxton’s knowledge and in-depth understanding of how marriages work and who best to avoid.
You will learn things you never knew before about how marital stress, anger, conflicts, and hostility can lead to disease and death as well as what you can do about it. You will see how stress in a marriage can result in physical changes in your body as well as the secret matrix for avoiding such pain by starting with the right choice of a mate.